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Factors to Consider When Doing a Network Technology Assessme

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Network technology assessment is a crucial step that every organization must take in order to secure their data and uphold the integrity of the network, for the sake of boosting the organizations productivity. A lot of operations rely on a sound network configuration and a good data cabling installation. Email and IM communication, sending data securely and backing up records all depend on the network infrastructure. When assessing the network there are several of its elements that must be considered.

Server and Data Integrity

The first critical part of the network is the server. The main servers are responsible for holding the critical data in the organization as well as running important software. The way the server is configured is important when trying to rid the network of threats such as viruses and malware. The servers must have a good power backup solution to avoid data losses since critical data is sometimes archived on these servers.

Backup Strategy

The other important solution is to have a good data backup strategy. Backup solutions vary from the old traditional tape backups to the recent cloud backup trend. An organization that provides critical services such as ATM installation or provides financial advice will need to have a sound strategy and therefore they must understand the pros and cons of each solution available.

The organization can either choose to host their services in-house or enlist cloud backup services for backup services, mail and webhosting. There are pros and cons of the two and it is important to be clear on each of them.

As for backup hosting the services may cost a lot of money in terms of resources and staffing. However, using cloud backup solutions has its own advantages as well as challenges. The main challenge with using hosting services is being able to do data recovery in the shortest time possible. When you loose your data you need to restore the system back to normal, it is crucial that the system is restored in the quickest time possible to avoid losses due to interruptions.

Security Assessment

Critical systems and services Such as ATM Installation need a high level of security. You need to evaluate your system by looking at the threats you faced in the past. Malware and Virus attacks can give an indication on where the vulnerability of the system is.

Networking goes far beyond data cabling installation. Cables are only the infrastructure, but the network must be run by good software and be governed by good policies. Hire a good technology assessment professional to help you get the best of the network.

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