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MIMIC Simulator for Network Device Manufacturers

by ShahPankaj

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One of the biggest complaints of networking hardware customers is that the network management software is never ready when the hardware is released. Executives of hardware companies are constantly under fire for this during user group meetings. But let's face it - hardware manufacturers are constantly between a rock and a hard place.


Competitive pressure in the ever-changing $79B marketplace is fierce. Standards are constantly emerging and being updated. Emerging technology leapfrogs available products every 18 months - sometimes even less!


Investors are constantly scrutinizing the bottom line, looking for hardware manufacturers to squeeze as much profit as possible from an increasingly commoditized marketplace. And customers have learned to expect twice the power at half the price every year. So how can a manufacturer increase profits? By following the simple, unyielding accounting truths: increase revenue or cut costs.


When faced with a choice of a rock or a hard place, many manufacturers have turned to Gambit Communications Inc. and the MIMIC SNMP Simulation product. SNMP simulation can be used in many areas across device manufacturer's companies, and it is especially effective in controlling costs in network management software development while helping move new hardware to the shipping/revenue phase quickly.


How is this possible? SNMP simulation substitutes for actual hardware product use in development labs, test labs, and training facilities. With MIMIC Simulator substituting for hardware devices in the software development process, the need for pre-release devices is minimized - and every manufacturer knows that pre-release devices are costly and can't be refurbed for later sale. Even when devices start coming off the manufacturing line, vendors know the pain of the constant pull between allocating devices for development and testing or making those devices available to fill backorders and generate much-needed revenue. With MIMIC, these conflicts are erased. Devices are available for customer orders, with network management applications available earlier in the cycle.


Using MIMIC Simulator is also important when third parties are developing the management software. MIMIC allows those developers access to the new hardware's attributes much earlier in the development cycle, easing stress in those relationships as the release date approaches. Hardware developers can simply record their new devices at any time with MIMIC, then make the SNMP simulations available to the software developers.


MIMIC Simulator is a win-win for everyone:

  • Accounting likes to see internal hardware allocations and revenue shipments increased

  • Developers enjoy unlimited access to virtual hardware devices - it's like giving each developer and tester their own personal virtual lab

  • Customers appreciate receiving their new hardware with network management software

  • Investors see the impact on profitability from reduced costs and increased revenue


MIMIC lends helps reduce costs and improves deployment in many areas, and the resulting product will have higher customer satisfaction because it was thoroughly tested in all types of scenarios.



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