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Ocean Freight Audit to Have a Smooth Business

by anonymous

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Logistics is a very important part of the core industry. This is
because, without proper logistics, it is nearly impossible to have a
business that is flourishing and rewarding. Even after good production,
with high quality material, if the distribution of the goods and
services is not up to the mark, then it is always going to be a big
problem. Naturally, the different companies providing the freight
service charge high Ocean freight rates.
This is primarily because the dispatching via sea is itself a costly
affair. Generally, the ocean transfer is the cheapest, as plane courier
fares are even higher. Also, few planes can carry massive cargo for
which Ocean freight is the only option.

There has to be proper auditing of all economic activity to maintain
propriety. It has often been seen that corporations engage in all sorts
of unethical activities. This only results in flawed balance sheets and
profit and loss accounts. This can cause losses either to a client
company or to the government even. Naturally, periodical and statutory
freight audit has to be carried out.

It is easy to find such audit companies online. Most of the good
auditing companies maintain properly updated sites. Often, they have
options to send quotations. One just needs to fill out an online form,
clearly detailing all the expectations from the service. This is an
important step, as it will determine the future steps as well. It is
often found that few people have any idea about auditing, because they
think it is just checking numerical data. But it is not just that. It
even delivers judgment on policy matters. Thus if a freight bill audit
suggests that instead of the chosen route, the vehicle could have
chosen a different route, which could have saved money and time, it is
enough to cause a stir. The legal experts will be able to throw more
light on this.

Legal issues can put a company in a whole lot of trouble. We must not
forget that there are always people who are looking to malign and
defame a company. So naturally, it is best to keep no loose ends.

So what kind of rates can one expect? This will vary from one shipping
company to the other. But obviously, this depends on the quality of
service chosen. In other words, one may opt for Ocean freight rates
which are not too high, but this might mean that premium services like
extra care and security for the cargo will not be provided. Different
schemes are usually available from each freight service provider and
the best idea is to contact their customer service center. There are
also different custom duty and taxation laws which need to be kept in
mind while making transactions. Fragile and perishable goods need to be
handled with extra precaution. Besides, there is also the question of
delivering the goods in time. Some of the premium services also include
taking extra care while taking the goods off from the ships at the
dockyard. If fragile cargo is there, it should be handled with much
greater care.

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