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Tips When Getting Talent Managers Like Russ Herriott

by shanamillikan

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When reality TV programs began to become a big component of every network's regular shows during the late 1990s, some critics anticipated reality television was simply a trend. However, in 2001, an Emmy was granted to the most superior reality show for the first time. This was testimony to reality television's remaining power and also served as a wake-up call for everybody who doubted the tough work and effort put into reality TV programs.

Today, reality television meals a selection of flavors: a look-see into the lives of the rich and the bad, and the lives in-between. By revealing a peek of their lives, these real-life characters occupy television audiences everywhere while making their condition as newly minted TV stars. Being a truth star, however, still means you need to go through the audition rounds, but with the help of experienced talent managers like Russ Herriott, you'll break into reality television with less hassles. Below are suggestions to get you started:

Constantly audition face to face.

There are still many reality TV programs in advancement, and to discover their stars, producers schedule auditions. While a few of them accept videotaped auditions, there's nothing like revealing your stuff in person, and offering yourself a possibility to say your case – it shows determination, and this is something that wins points with producers.

Be unforgettable.

If you love paying attention to reality television talent programs like "American Idol," you're mindful of the objection "you're forgettable" that judges commonly dish out to entrants. Hence, think of the best method you can stand apart from your competitors so you can make a lasting impression when you experiment with. You can wear the quirkiest outfit in your closet or show off an appealing tattoo or don the flashiest precious jewelry – anything to reveal off your uniqueness.

Have a tale.

Dig deep to discover an intriguing story about yourself that will make you more interesting to talent scouts. Bear in mind, everybody has a story to inform, and you may craft your story to an art kind that will get you noticed by producers.

To obtain a running start in reality television, employ the services of respected talent managers in the likes of Russ Herriott of SEI Sports Entertainment International. Who understands, reality television can just be the start of an outstanding showbiz career for you. For more details, visit

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