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Laptop Stolen Along With 5 Years Worth Of Written PHD Thesis

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In our lifetime, most of us have experienced loss, which may or may not have had a significant impact on us. On the other hand, if you haven’t experienced such an event, then you are one of the few lucky ones out there. However, for the most of us we know how it feels. First, you begin to panic and start searching for your valuable item, followed by a wave of desperation which can churn up your stomach – a feeling that’s quite easy to recall. However, one such incident of Laptop Theft has even captured the attention of local media – involving theft of a laptop which had 5 years of PHD thesis research saved on it. Consequently, a Rutgers PHD student who had his laptop stolen was not concerned about losing the actual laptop – it was the data on his stolen laptop – a thesis on his PHD degree on which he worked for over 5 years to write. After realizing that if he is unable to get that data back, he won’t be able to graduate, he decided to take drastic action against getting his data back. 

As a result, he decided to offer the thief a reward of $1000 plus dollars in return for his thesis. According to Logan Westwood, data security strategist for New Software’, an information security organization dedicated to preventing data leaks and data theft, pinpoints that the victim should have encrypted his thesis and then should of made a backup of that encrypted folder. According to Westwood, he’s not surprised about the nature of the theft. Every year, millions of laptops are stolen which contain sensitive unsecured data, which end up resulting in lost revenues for companies, identity fraud of victims, and even crimes committed in the victims’ names.

Westwood further emphasizes the need to lock folderswhich contain data such as thesis or other confidential documents, so that potential plagiarizers are not able to steal credit for such work.

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