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Solve The Changes During Northern Virginia Basement Remodel

by miuganlee

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Creating the room of
your dreams can be challenging downstairs. While a Northern Virginia basement
remodeling project adds valuable living space, privacy and extra storage, you
may need to overcome a few headaches first. Consider these common problems
Virginia homeowners face when finishing a basement.

Is Your Plumbing
Set Up for a Basement Bathroom?

Many people want a
bathroom installed on the basement level, providing an extra shower or
finishing off the guest room area. But your plumbing system may not be set up
for this addition, and planning to add a basement bathroom will take a bit more

Ask your contractor
or builder about the main drain pipe for your home. Depending on grading and
other issues, this drain may run below-grade or above-grade. Pipes that run
below-grade allow for the connection of an additional bathroom on the basement
level. Those running above-grade do not, although a basement bathroom equipped
with special plumbing fixtures will work just fine.

If the drain pipe is
a problem, budget for a grinder and pump in the plumbing. This equipment allows
for a toilet and shower in the basement, but requires extra space behind the

Are the Windows
Large Enough to Cast Natural Light and Meet Building Code?

Many Northern
Virginia homes have small windows in the basement level. Although those on a
walkout lot have patio doors or taller windows, others make do with shallow
frames that let in minimum light. Local building codes and insurance
requirements may also present a problem with smaller windows, especially if you
plan to include bedrooms in the floor plan.

Install larger
egress windows to solve this problem, but remember to design them well for
longevity and maintenance. Window wells require a drain at the bottom to direct
water away from your home and reduce the risk of basement flooding. High
quality windows will also keep your energy bills down and security measures may
be required if you’re worried about burglary.

Talk to your
contractor about the best location for these larger windows, and design your
Northern Virginia basement remodeling project to take advantage of window placement.

How Will You Treat
the Ceiling in Your Finished Basement?

Drywall ceilings
look attractive in a finished basement, but they can be a hassle when water
problems arise and repairs create a massive mess in the basement living space.
Drop ceilings are a good solution, although many Northern Virginia homeowners
find the look less appealing. How can you find a happy medium between the
beauty of drywall ceilings and the practicality of drop ceilings?

Have a look at some
of the unique building materials available for basement ceilings, including
acoustical ceiling tiles and textured or oddly shaped tiles that provide the
convenience of a drop ceiling without the industrial look. Some homeowners even
opt to paint out the basement ceiling with a bright white paint, allowing full
access while creating a uniform color. This works especially well for casual

spaces like a games room or play room.

Consider the
location of duct work and plumbing in the basement ceiling. Can you effectively
group these mechanical systems to minimize access points? Bulkheads must be
installed to go around larger pipes, often cutting off natural light and
lowering the ceiling height. Grouping the ductwork should minimize that issue
as well.

The best way to
handle the challenges of a Northern Virginia
basement remodeling project
is by enlisting the help of a
professional contractor. They will have the expertise and skills to get past
issues like plumbing, windows and ceiling design, as well as any other
challenges that come your way. Trust their experience and utilize their talents
to create an incredible living space downstairs.

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