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5 Ways Long-tail Keywords can improve your SEO Australia Cam

by anonymous

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Long tail keywords can give your company an edge and provide your website with visibility on search engines with the same effort or even less. Search statistics show that 70% of all searches are done through these types of keywords.

It is quite clear that the keywords have been under utilized by websites that are trying to get ahead with SEO services Australia. These keywords reflect how a good number of people on the internet search engines are doing their search. Internet users must have realized that short keywords are more likely to give irrelevant results, therefore going for longer keywords. The following are advantages and ways to use them.

Higher Click-through and Conversion Rates

Researchers have found that these long keywords bring in more organic traffic to your site through search engines and convert better than the shorter ones. The longer it is the easier it will be to rank on the search engines. Research shows that you are twice more likely to move your ranking to the first page with long-tail keywords, than with regular keywords.

However, if you get a very long keyword you can only tap to a limited amount of traffic. This is not such a bad thing given its high conversion rates and the keyword is likely to be much better than regular keywords you use for SEO Australia.

Focused Content

The reason the conversion rates are much better is simply because the keyword targets the subject more specifically, such that the content focuses on exactly what your online audience are looking for.

Video SEO and Long Keywords

If you are planning to do some video SEO Australia, you can gain a lot from these keywords. Video is currently being used to gain traffic and promote products online with encouraging results. Video results especially from YouTube are now showing up on Google’s search results page. The average online user prefers video to long boring articles. Therefore, if exploited and the right rules followed, this technique can increase sales and improve online business.

Using the long-tail keywords can sometimes be tricky.  Some long keywords may sound odd when used on an article, video script or video description. It therefore requires some considerable effort to use them. If you write your own articles for your website, you may find it takes time to know where to place them.

 You need to take time to consider if the keyword is worth the extra effort and chose one that is.  If you are interested with this strategy, you may consult an SEO services Australia company to guide you and ensure you are on the right path.

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