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The tips we should pay attention in practicing yoga

by slimmingpills

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1. Practice with barefoot

You can insist on practice with barefoot, wear soft and comfortable sports suit, then your skin can breathe in a better way.
2. Breathe with nose

There are a lot of dust, viruses and suspended particles in the air, breathing with nose can effectively cut off pollutants, it also can make the air warm and humid, which can reduce the stimulation of the respiratory tract and keep suction air healthy and clean. What is more important, we should learn to control breathe in yoga. If you can not breathe in the right way, your yoga effect will be reduced and destroy your the program of learning.
3. You can use auxiliary tool

Don't be afraid to use the auxiliary yoga props. They can help us to better stretch our body parts, at the same time it can increase the effectiveness of our fitness.

4. Do not compare with others Yoga is a kind of exercise which focus on the internal repairing. And it is not a competitive game. You can not copy others, there are not two same people in the world, we can not compare with others when we are practicing. Otherwise, our emotion will be affected. You do not need to be sad because you can not do an action well, every person has his own advantage and disadvantage. You just need to challenge yourself according to your body situation. The beginners should make a comparison with himself of yesterday's performance.
5. Pay attention to the exercises security

Generally speaking, yoga is suitable for the people of any age periods. However, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, retinal falls off, head and neck back injury patients, pregnant women, serious illness or surgery patients should pay attention to the exercise security. Because some yoga breathing and body posture will produce pressure to the body and cause discomfort. So the students should ask the advise of the doctor, before practicing, we should tell our health information to the instructor. Then the instructor can make the suitable follow-up and guidance.
6. Listen to your body's sound

We should thoroughly feel the physical and mental feeling when we are doing yoga, we have to concentrate and carefully listen to the voice of the body and feel the body's reaction from every action and breathing. When we are practicing, when our body has the abnormal pain, dizziness, breathing difficulties, don't try to continue, we should tell the instructor and ask help.

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