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How to Pick Sensible Web Development Companies in India

by anonymous

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You might have heard of a lot of good words about outsourcing web development in India. But similarly, there are also a few horror stories of clients getting burned either because they don’t get what they paid for or just left with incomplete projects. There are many web development companies in India but just like how you choose which restaurant to dine in, it is of equal importance to carefully check and evaluate the company that you will hire for your projects. Here are some tips to guide you on how to pick the best outsourcing team for your business.

Be Informed About Web Technologies
The key in choosing the right company is selecting a team who are experts on the web technology that you want to work on. You don’t need to be technically knowledgeable about the web but you should at least know the basic web platforms. Platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, PHP and a lot more are commonly used. There are a lot of resources online to give you this basic knowledge. Web developer companies in India have different expertise so make sure that you go with the team that have highly skilled and talented members that are experts in the platform that you select.

Check Company Portfolio
it is important to check a company’s past works to know if their skills and creativity are at match with what you have in mind. First off, you should have a vision of the output of your web development project and look through their samples if there is anything that is similar with what you want them to do. For example, web development companies in India may be very good in CSS and HTML, but you want something to work for your ecommerce site so you might need someone who is adept with Magento and other php shopping carts instead.

Quality And Cost
These two things should always go together. If you are looking for top quality work, web development companies in India may charge you a price that may not be too low but is very cost effective. Remember that if you are paying peanuts, you would totally get monkeys. The years of knowledge and skills in the technical field can cost a lot and you should never insult a web developer by offering something too low which does not compensate for his or her talent and skills. Compare development cost from one company to another to know a ballpark figure of how much website development in India really cost.

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