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Get Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. from the nearest pet store

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Get Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. from the nearest pet store to relieve your pet from fleas and ticks

Summer is here again and along with beautiful blossomed flowers growing everywhere, the danger of fleas will grow during this time of the year. This the time when everyone enjoys the outside weather and takes his or her pets along with him or her.

When pets play in the park they are more exposed to fleas as well as ticks. These pests are the greatest threat to pets as they not only suck blood from them but also cause several diseases to pets; some of them are quite dangerous.

 The best way to protect dogs from fleas and ticks is to use frontline plus, there are different types of Frontline Plus and one can get the one, which suits his pet. Here I would just talk about Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. That means for a small dog breed.

 Benefits of using Frontline plus for small dog breed 

Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. is an excellent product that not only kills fleas but also ends its entire life cycle. It is safe to be used on a dog and shows no side effect as long as you are using it in the right manner.  The best thing about frontline plus is it is water proof and does not get washed away in case the pet gets wet or even drenched. It is meant to be used on pet that is older than 8 weeks.

Precautionary measure 

Make sure that after applying Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. the pet wears a veterinary cone so that it does not lick itself.If there are more than one pet then keep them aloof from each other, else pets have the habit of grooming each other’s and in that process; they lick each other’s body. By following such precautionary measures and applying the medication in the right manner your pet will be free from fleas as well as ticks.Frontline for dogs 0-22 lbs. must be used only on small dog breeds and not on any other dog breed or cat.

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