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Tips to Consider When Using a Mobile Phone

by anonymous

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Did you know that it is now possible to use a simple cellphone to search South Africa databases for whatever you might be seeking to rent or buy? The Cellfo company can help you with your database search so that you can find that job, car or property that you want to acquire.


Some people might need a database so that they can do a job search South Africa. Others might want database access so they can do a car search South Africa or property search South Africa instead. You can use your mobile phone to do all these, which makes life simple especially if you don’t have your computer at hand to go online to do these mobile searches in the first place.


How does this work? First, your phone should be equipped to handle an online search. You should then visit the following site using your phone and sign up for a Cellfo account. You will need to supply your mobile phone number and your name before you can get an account though. Once you have signed up for an account, you will have a password that you need to enter in the log in page along with the mobile phone number you used to sign up with.


With your Cellfo account, you can do a mobile job search if you are hunting for the right job for your qualifications. Not only is a job search South Africa possible, but you can also do a car search South Africa or property search South Africa as well. You could also have your business listed in the site’s business directory so that others can find you and you gain more sales for your business. (To use the business directory, you need to go to and use that page to visit the site.) Once you are able to enter the business directory, you can refine your search by searching by service category, by South Africa region or province, or by keyword.


If you want, you could do a classified ads search instead. Just set your phone to visit and do your search online. Or maybe you want to post an ad on the classifieds database instead? You can visit the link and submit details about your ad to the site. You can expect your ad to be searchable on the database within 24 hours from posting.

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