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Combating ebook piracy with efficacy

by AchillesMarshal

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Online publishing was once hailed as the golden opportunity for budding writers. Writers could, using this forum, disseminate their writings to more readers worldwide at a very cheap cost. Unfortunately, online publishing has not turned out as writers would have wished. Why? Because enforcing copyrights for a book published online has almost become impossible, thanks to rampant piracy.

Without proper ebook protection publishers can only sit back and watch people abuse their work. Most books available online today are in PDF format and which is by far the most preferred ebook format. While PDF is a robust and reliable form of publishing it's very easy for people to misuse - if it's not guarded by proper ebook security.

People infringe on writers' copyrights in many ways. For instance, someone can purchase one legitimate copy of an ebook and then freely share it with many other people. There is nothing to stop someone from doing so if there is no ebook protection for the book. Some people even go as far as uploading ebooks for free downloads on unauthorized websites. People can also print and sell ebooks that have no ebook security. Where does all this theft leave the author? Obviously, authors lose an opportunity to make money from their efforts because people are getting their books for free. In addition, their copyrights are being violated.

Is there hope for online publishing in light of these ongoing unfair activities? Indeed there is, if publishers will embrace ebook security. Securing ebooks using ebook protection software is very easy. There are many kinds of ebook protection software and they are all designed to do the same job - that of ensuring that the author of a book retains maximum control over its use and distribution. Publishers have tried using simple passwords but passwords are very ineffective because people can crack them. A password can be shared and it does not stop someone from copying or printing the pages of an ebook. Authors need security software that prevents people from doing all of these things.

We have ebook security software that can prevent users from making and distributing copies of a book. If this software is put into action, anyone interested in a book has to pay for a copy.


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