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As we all have experienced the use of cash now-a-days has made shopping a tidious job. Therefore in order to make our job easier businesses has come up with the idea of membership cards. Its use has gained popularity since it has lessen the burden of carrying huge amount of cash with you making your pocket heavy and risky even. Such cards are made with plastic which makes them extremely durable and handy. Moreover it has the flexibility of including optional features in its design such as bar codes, signature panels, magnetic strip etc. They can be used as an advertising tool and also it helps enhance an organizations image and prestige.

Membership cards that are used by most of the businesses should be made recyclable, compactable, biodegradable, and also environment friendly. These cards helps in retaining the customers and when a business gives them a little incentive, it helps cut down on their expenses and increases traffic to the store or merchant. Frequent buyers from a particular business are rewarded for their loyalty with discounts and special deals when they present their membership cards. This benefits both the customer and the merchant.


In a tough economy, consumers are more careful about when and where they spend their money. Therefore when they get a little discount even this makes them to stick to the business and makes them a loyal customer. Membership cards are nowadays being used by many clubs like golf clubs, karate clubs, boxing clubs, dance clubs, night clubs, snooker clubs, pool clubs, archery clubs, gym and fitness clubs... the list goes on... The customers even find this interesting and this helps in binding the customers to a particular business.


The latest hype in the market involves the use of membership cards to promote and advertise the services of the business. The little yet versatile cards have the ability to turn the tables for a company that is in need of a boost. One such kind of membership card is VIP cards that are issued only for the important personalities or individual customers of the business. These cards are issued to the VIP members from the organization through which they can then avail special discounts and offers. Through VIP cards businesses can make their reach to a huge number of prospects and can mark its presence. As a result of it businesses can convert sales and earn revenue.


Thus membership cards serves as an important tool in order to reach out to a large number of prospect customers and makes your business to stand out differently!!



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