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Enjoy the thrill as you ride a hybrid bike!

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There is a thin line that separates mountain bikes from the city bikes; it is aptly called the hybrid genre of bicycles. The best thing about the hybrid bike available in the market is that it takes the best of both worlds and spills in into one bicycle. They have become a popular choice for everyday users, as they not only look great, they feel sturdy and can handle on road and off road tracks pretty well.  Unless one is a professional cyclist, no one wants to shell out thousands from their pocket and purchase a mountain bike and city bike individually.  In fact, even professionals probably will not take the trouble if they are buying a daily commuter bike!

 Bianchi 2012 spillo rubino altus suspension is a high-end hybrid bicycle, which gives you the sturdiness of a mountain bike with the ease of riding of a road bike.  In addition to this, the wheels of a hybrid are neither too thin nor too thick, and help bite the road firmly. And, at the same time cushion you from the bumps and potholes along the path. The frames are sturdy enough to mount carriers or baskets for a little trip across town and running errands, while the higher gears allow you to pick up speed with minimum effort.  However, make sure that when riding in high speeds through the city streets; you have sturdy bicycle helmets on to protect your head from any untoward events.

The 700C wheels on the Bianchi 2012 spillo rubino altus suspension offers a faster and smooth ride.  The hybrids gears are more like the gears of a road bike.  They have higher gears instead of lower ones found in mountain bikes.  Since hybrids are mostly used for city riding, the higher gears for speed happen to be a smarter addition compared to the lower gears of climbing.  The Shimono gear system is also a handy piece of technology that allows you up to 8-speed or so, and the index shifting gear system is easy to operate as well.  Each gear change, offers a reassuring click when it finds its right notch, which allows new cyclists to use the system with ease. 

You must also know that most hybrid models have a straight handlebar, mimicking the handlebars of the mountain bikes.  They allow a more upright position, enabling better control and lesser strain on the back and neck muscles.  The pedals found on hybrids mostly come with platform pedals, though some prefer to use toe clips or clip less pedals.  The Bianchi 2012 spillo rubino altus suspension’s VP pedals serves its purpose well. 

This hybrid bike is available in colour black and white, and do not forget to buy bright bicycle helmets to add that special dash of colour!

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