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New Strategies Employed by Successful SEO Companies

by bergstromseo

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Intense competition amongst search engine optimization services providers pushes everyone in the industry to do their best. Since Google constantly alters the way it ranks websites, SEO companies are always on the lookout for the best practices that will bring about desired results - higher search engine rankings for their clients. For the most part, some of the time-tested SEO practices like link building, keyword optimization and the like have remained relevant up to this day. Additionally, a reputable search engine optimization company will try fresher methods in pursuit of higher rankings for their clients.

One of these methods is comprehensive website analysis. Most SEO experts overlook the importance of this technique, failing to understand the very nature of their client’s website. In conducting comprehensive website analysis, a SEO expert lists every web page in hierarchical sequence. This information can be requested from the client or performed by the SEO company itself. Comprehensive website analysis gives a SEO expert a better understanding of the structure of the website and how web pages are connected with one another.

Comprehensive website analysis allows a SEO company to proceed to another important technique - keyword analysis. This is a critical part of SEO due to the immense number of websites on the Internet, as keywords tend to be repetitive. The more widely used a keyword is the harder it is for a website to receive traffic by using said keyword. It is through keyword analysis that a SEO firm like an Indian SEO company can recommend less competitive keywords that can drive more traffic to the site while making it easier to optimize specific web pages.

Another technique that an Indian SEO company should utilize is backlink analysis. Backlinks are also called inbound links. These are links that direct an Internet user to the client’s website. More and more search engines are putting a lot of premium on the number of quality backlinks of a website. The SEO firm should not only aspire for many backlinks, but also quality backlinks or links from websites that are related to their client’s website.

Search engine rankings constantly change. A website’s high ranking today will not be the same for tomorrow. As such, leading search engine optimization service providers should continually monitor the rankings of their client websites on a day-to-day basis. They also provide recommendations to clients regularly on how their company may further improve search engine rankings.  For more information about beneficial SEO techniques, visit the website of Bergstrom-SEO at 


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