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Quran Learning for Children

by schoolquran

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The responsibility, now a days the Muslim parents bear on their shoulders is to teach Quran to their children at a proper young age. Most Muslim families’ mother language is not Arabic and even being a non-Arabic speaking family still every Muslim is obliged to make attempts to learn and understand the book of Allah Subhanahu wa-ta'ala in the best way possible. This makes it really difficult for parents to find a perfect Quran tutor for their kids. Some online Quran learning for kids programs are available especially for those families, which are facing difficulties in reaching to mosques regularly to learn Quran.

These online Quran learning programs for kids hold several benefits for the parents such as it enables your children to learn Quran online without leaving the home premises. Online Quran Classes are available 24/7 to teach your kids Quran at your suitable timings or your own schedule and pace. Parents can even watch their children learning Quran in front of their eyes. All you need is a Personal Computer with Head phone set, a microphone, Laptop and a broadband internet connection. In most cases video camera or web cam is not required. All lessons are generally live sessions based on online 1 to 1 with a Male Qari or Female Qaria via Skype messenger, normally.

There is no set rule to teach kids Quran easily so it all depends on your children age and their individual learning capacity. Your child needs a tutor’s exclusive attention to learn Quran as a way of life instead of being taught in a class of 15 to  30 students.

In this scenario, Online Quran learning for children benefits your family in various ways:

  • Learn right from the comfort of your home
  • No pick and drop required.
  • Learn Noorani Qaida as a beginner lesson
  • Learn Basic Quran reading lessons
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed rules
  • Learn Basic Islamic Teachings, Prayer, Kalmay and Dua.
  • You can get Islamic Qaida, Quran and Islamic learning materials
  • Option to select Female Qaria or Male Qari
  • Affordable fee package for parents and other family members
  • An exclusive online Quran teacher for your child
  • Male and Female Quran tutors are available at hours that are convenient to you
  • Uncomplicated Quran learning online while staying at home
  • Ask questions in an online class and you can do a voice chat with Quran tutor.

Quran learning for children at a specific age holds its importance because children memorize Quran easily and pick up faster than adults. At this age their basics are solidifying. So, they need to incorporate Quran and its teachings in their daily lives like reciting a short verse before drinking or eating food, when they greet a Muslim or before going to bed. Parents usually play a vital role in making their kids adapt the teachings of Quran. They need to tell their children that Allah loves it, whenever we recite the Holy Quran and memorize it well. They should remind them that the Angels of Zikar, the angels that come in this world to enjoy the Remembrance of Allah, are here as they recite Quran and circle around them. It will make them feel very special. Your children are either young girls or young boys they can take interactive online Quran learning course from anywhere in the world. It is something that surely does works for me and my family. I welcome any readers to discuss what works for them. I pray by the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa-ta'ala that we all be able to create memorable, loving, Quran moments with our children. Amen!