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How the Online Dating is Useful for Men

by johnmacdonald

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Now-a-days, dating
sites are becoming more and more popular. When you join an online dating site
for men your chances for meeting more women increases automatically. It’s just like
online shopping. You put in your criteria and data, pages of women to choose
from appear. So, why do you still get rejected by women? What is wrong with you?
There is so much to consider. There is the profile, the pictures and those
first emails. What can you do to stand out in the online dating world?

You should have to
remember that the first impression is your picture. Be sure it is a close up
and it is clear. If, you choose to add other pictures to your profile, consider
adding ones where you are actively doing what you enjoy. No pictures of pets,
landscape scenes or other women, regardless of who they are. Women are turned
off by pictures of you with other women. One of the best tips for internet
dating for men is to have a solid picture. A close up and one full body is

Then the important
thing is your profile. It would be better to view other profiles of men. By visiting
profiles of other men you can get a good idea how to stand out above the
others. 98% of male profiles start out with something like how honest, loving,
sincere, hardworking and so on and so forth a man is. As opposed to what?
Dishonest, hateful, deceitful and lazy? These qualities do not need to be
pointed out. Your personality should shine in your online profile. She should
be motivated by your words to learn more about you.

That first email is
crucial. I am a woman active on a dating site and I can't tell you how many
times I roll my eyes. The majority of the men either send something lame like
"Ya want to chat", or "How are you", and I have even got
just a lame "hi". This does nothing for me or any other woman for
that matter. Then there are the men that enter our inboxes trying to sell
themselves. Please spare us; we are not buying a car. We are looking for
creative interesting men. Are you out there? A male online profile should pique
our interest, not bore us to tears.

Online dating sites
really are the great way to meet women. It is different than meeting in person.
You have to relay a lot through words and there is no voice in the beginning or
visual stimulus. That means one thing, it is up to you and the words you choose
to make an impression and create an attraction. The goal is to get the woman
inspired and create a desire in her to meet you.

I work with hundreds
of women who are active on dating sites. I have been on several dating sites on
and off for over 6 months and really feel a need to help the men increase their
chances. I have seen or heard it all. I know what gets a woman's attention and
what turns them off.

However what we have
begun to see recently with men teaching men how to attract women, are ways in which you can get that 80 percent of
women that don't like or dislike you. However once out of the club atmosphere
becomes uncomfortable with women and no longer can maintain the attraction
because he actually doesn't know how to attract women.

Instead what you
want to do is create a clear picture of all the qualities that you want in a
woman or women and send those thoughts into the world so that the Law of
Attraction can attract her or them to you. For more information and tips on
online dating please visit my site.


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