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by haqhu

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TNSM/TTP vs TJ/JUI ... is not just in a select area ... there really is a difference in ideology between the former and later.

TNSM/TTP believes that voilent jihad has become Farz-e-ain (as opposed to Farz-e-kifaya). Anyone who disagrees with this assertion becomes a murtad/kafir just as diagreeing with farziat of nimaaz, roza etc makes one kafir. Anyone who agrees with jihad being Farz-e-aim but does not practically participate by giving excuses (i.e. excuses not approved by Shariat ) is at least a "faasiq" if not murtad. It must, however, be noted that this extreme position is not fully endorsed by the original founder of TNSM (the old sufi mohammed).

Ismatullah Muawiyah -->

Mullah Fazlullah --> An hour long bayan on jihad on youtube after he fled Swat


JUI has a different stance. JUI's stance (as expressed by Qazi Hussain Ahmed in an interview with Salim Safi) was differentiating between Afghan Taliban and Pakistani Taliban. Qazi HA's stance resulted in an angry retort by Hakeemullah Mehsud implying that TTP has started considering Qazi HA a non-believer for his stance. That statement was followed some time later by a suicide bomb attack on QHA. Here is Hakeemullah Mehsud's personal video statement clearly showing the difference in ideology --> .

Maulana Hassan Jan's murder in 2007 was the earliest indication of a split, possibly irreconcialable, between the two ideologies.


The current accomodation of JUI by TTP's peace negotiation offer looks more like a tactical politique than any ideological warming up.

Tableeghi Jamaat leadership's stance on political issues has traditionally been muted but their stance on issue of terrorism and suicide bombing is much clearer and close to condemnation. One example is Maulana Tariq Jameel's (whose a TJ/Deobandi star) supportive stance regarding Tahir-ul-Qadri's (minhaj chief) long fatwa against terrorism -->

TJ's foot soldiers, when you talk to them about these issues, either don't want to talk politics at all, or just dismiss the whole terrorism thing as a grand international conspiracy against Islam.



Local Swati's have at least three kinds of views depending on who you are talking to:

(a) TTP/TNSM has been nothing but Pakistan army without uniform. This line of argument suggests that Pakistan Army during the Musharraf era has sold Pakistani sovereignty to USA and now deliberately making the domestic enviroment terror filled and chaotic so as to justify an eventual take over of either Pakistani real estate or strategic assets by the USA

(b) TTP is a CIA proxy to defame the legimate Afghan Taliban

(c) TTP are the misguided Kharijiates

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