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Care to Have some Music?

by veronikasikes101

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Who can live without music these days? Even a robot wants to listen to music. Okay, maybe most of them are just in the movies, but come on. We are still on the fringes of perfecting artificial intelligence. Of course, there is always the smartphone, and we can consider it a robot of some kind--but that is not the point. I know we all imagine robots to have arms and legs and a cute metallic face. Anyway, back to the point, I bet no one leaves his or her car audio turned off every time he or she drives off to work or back home.

Even if you surveyed the whole of Virginia, you will still get the same results. Music is always included in the top 10 of anyone daily priorities. You can see a granny listening to her favorite old songs while tending to her roses in her well-kept garden. You can see a jogger running in his usual route with earphones glued to his ears. You can see a group of happy teenagers turning their car audio up as they enjoy their road trip. You can see a working mom enjoying her afternoon playlist while hurriedly going off to pick up her kid from school. You can see a struggling artist riding the subway, lost in his music and thoughts.

You can see it everywhere. If you cannot, maybe you are not looking carefully enough. Or maybe you are just cynical and jaded and old. Pardon my analogy. That may seem a little bit biased. But I cannot think of anyone else who can hate music like the one in my description. I mean, even a baby loves music. Even dogs love music. Heck, even grumpy cats get cute when there is music. Music is like the universal language of all things--living and nonliving. Can you hear the sweet chorus of the wind and the trees?

What I am trying to say is that it is virtually impossible for anyone to ignore music. It demands attention. Even when crossing the streets, you can hear a car audio blasting. See? Music is everywhere. It is no use saying that you do not care whether you can hear music in a day or go end up looking like a hermit. Unless you are really living like a hermit (like in a cave in a mountain), you cannot avoid music wherever you go. No. not really.

So, it is better to admit it right now that music is really an integral part of our lifestyle. It does not only fill the empty hours. It also fills up the empty corners in our psyche. It does not matter whether you are an old lady tending her roses or a car audio blasting teenager going all around Virginia. Music is life. It keeps everything going in this planet--heck, in the whole universe. Music defines us. I hope you realize sooner rather than later. I hope you do it sooner though--like right now.

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