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Wet rooms-Perfect for disabled people!

by anonymous

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In designing of bathrooms, as latest trends, wet rooms for the disabled are becoming very popular. It is understood because this concept has a modern and conventional feel. Not only this concept brings about a lot of convenience for the disabled people but it also makes the space look bigger. Space is at a premium these days if making some changes here and there can make a space look bigger, this concept must be accepted. Instead of going for expensive space, it is better using bathroom Leeds. Before installing this bathroom in your house, it is better looking for a professional who can guide you in this respect. There are many pros of installing these wet rooms.

The first and foremost advantage of using these wet bathrooms is that it makes a small bathroom look spacious. There is no shower stall, bathtub or a tray thereby creating an open space. They are quite easy to maintain as there are no tubs or trays to scrub them clean. The floor does not get wet, and this ensures that it is not slippery and no one can slip on the floor. The drainage system is perfect and thus the water drains out easily. This is because gradient floor system is used that helps in directing water to the water drain. Since disabled persons use them, there is no chance of falling accidentally on the floor. Level floor is used, and one does not need to balance to get in or out of the shower area. Since there  are no shower trays or a tub wall, so there is no chance of losing balance.

People who suffer from limited mobility can use these bathrooms without any problem. For senior citizens or disabled people who are dependent on walkers or a wheel chair for their movement, they cannot access a shower stall or a wheel chair. For such people the best way to access a bathroom is when there is no shower stall or a bath tub to hamper their movement.

Wet room installers are easily accessible these days. Their guidance and advice comes handy when installing a wet room in a house. Moreover, this bathroom looks more modern offering a contemporary feel. These days, using wet rooms in a house also enhances the house’s market value. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind while installing a wet room is that help of professionals should be taken. This needs to be done so that proper waterproofing and water drainage can be ensured.

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