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Technology helping Cheap Delivery of Parcels

by Jameshorncastle

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Cheap parcel delivery has become quite commonplace nowadays thanks to the advent of new computerised and internet based technology and rise of intermediary players in parcel delivery services. In any service oriented process, like parcel delivery, one has to understand that the word “cheap” has many connotations.

For example, if you are sending valuable company documents, then while you might trust a run-of-the mill cheap parcel delivery, the loss of that packet or damage to it can provide so costly, that you might have to close shop. However, thanks to new technology, cheap parcel delivery does not have to be untrustworthy or unreliable parcel delivery, for intermediaries help you avail the same services, which are available directly to individuals at much higher costs. Actually, when you are using intermediaries, you are not using cheap parcel delivery in the traditional sense, but quite standard parcel delivery services, which are coming cheap to you.

So, how is this possible? Parcel deliveries that were high cost even a decade back are almost one-fifth of their prices today, if you take into consideration the devaluation of money and inflation. The reality is that technology on many fronts makes the entire process of parcel delivery, much more cost-effective, for both consumers as well as service providers.

So, you have cheap parcel delivery, which otherwise would have been quite costly under traditional circumstances. In fact, in many countries, which still stick to traditional methods of keeping records on paper and ledgers, and do not use computerised tracking systems, the cost of parcel delivery remains high, and even for little things, cheap parcel delivery is not an option.

Let’s take a look at how information technology makes cheap parcel delivery possible:

  • Computers, internet, and online parcel delivery providers reduce booking of a parcel and arranging for its collection, the matter of a few mouse clicks on the desktop sitting at your home. This saves enormous time and energy making the process far cheaper for the end consumer than traditional methods.

  • New technology makes cheap parcel delivery possible for service providers, because data entry becomes automated at most points, and tracking of the status of a parcel can be done through software. Increase of co-ordination, greater visibility of consignment status, and transparency, all work together to make cheap parcel delivery possible. Fewer employees needed to look after the same system results in better pay for those on job and reduces the rate of human error components entering the system. The neat result is that service providers can work smoother and cheaper and can provide cheap parcel delivery while making greater profit than ever before.

So new technology makes cheap parcel delivery possible by reducing the cost components both for the consignor, as well as the service provider in terms of reducing errors, saving time, and increasing transparency.

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