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Vietnam And Its Thriving Seafood Market

by martinwalker

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Trends In Seafood Export

Vietnam is known to be one of the major players in the seafood exports market. Every year there are trend reports on this industry which shows that Vietnam sales and exports are on the rise. Even with the economic slump, there has been a marginal increase in the exports figure of Vietnam fish to countries like the US. If you look at the segregation, the following trends have emerged:

•The export of farmed fish has not been positive in 2012

•The export of Vietnam seafood like tuna, fin fishes and white shrimp has been positive growth in export

Shrimps In Demand

Shrimps are the leader in exports and they make up the largest proportion of the total value of the exports. The two main shrimps on demand in international markets are:

•The white leg shrimp or the Vannamei

•The black tiger shrimp

Both the species have seen a rise in export figures for 2012. The white leg shrimp has sported the highest rise in export value which has gone up by 33 percent. The black tiger shrimp export has gone up by as much as fifty six percent. There are several reasons for the increase of export of these shrimp species against others. These two species of shrimps are relatively cheaper and thus, with low economic conditions, these are better buys as compared to the costlier prawns and lobsters.

Shrimps Of Different Varieties

The Vietnam seafood is of several categories. The shrimp market is the most thriving and there are different kinds of shrimp species which are available in the fish market here:

•Sea tiger shrimp

•Black tiger shrimp

•White leg shrimp

•Cat tiger shrimp and many others

Other Fishes And Cephalopods

Among the Vietnam fish in the market, one can find a large variety of fishes here:


•Red snappers

•King snapper

•Red tilapia

•Black tilapia

The main markets for these fishes are the US, Australia and the EU. These fishes are cultured of export quality and there is even DNA testing guarantee provided.

If you thought that it is the end of the varieties to be found in the Vietnam seafood industry, you are mistaken. There are other varieties of seafood which are cultured and cultivated here for the export markets. Cephalopods are another distinct group of seafood that is available here. These consist of squids, octopus, cuttlefish which are marketed to Germany, Italy, Holland and other countries of the EU. Moll uses or shell based seafish are also in demand in the US and the EU seafood markets. The wild clams of Vietnam are known for their juicy and tasty meat. Thus, there is a large variety of Vietnam seafood that is in demand across international markets and a lot of research and investments goes into ensuring that the fish cultivation farms live up to the export industry standards and produce fish of the right quality.


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