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Effective Test For The Ever Vulnerable Computer Network

by anonymous

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Little did Charles Babbage know that he was building perhaps the most revolutionary machine in human history when he built the first computer. Over the past 7 decades or so the computer has graduated from being a giant calculating machine to a tool whose use is all encompassing and varied. Almost every year there are improvements on the various functions of the computer in order to make it more user friendly as well as to span a bigger room of possibilities. Perhaps the biggest game changing moment in the history of computers was the invention of the computer network. It allowed computers communicate among themselves and the exchange of information became a much more dynamic prospect due to the lightning speeds that it offers.

Now, it is a well documented fact that over the years, the computer network has become the primary source of communication at organisations, corporations as well as government offices. However, the invention of the internet- which is nothing but a worldwide network among computers- poses a serious security threat to the sanity of a computer network due to the menace posed by hackers, who infiltrate networks and cause all sorts of trouble. As a result, it is of utmost importance that the computer networks have effective firewalls and security filters to keep out the infiltrators. However, on top of that one must also make it absolutely sure that the security filters are in top working condition so that the hackers cannot find any sort of back door into the network and wreck havoc.

There are numerous ways in which the digital security arrangements of a computer network can be kept in top working condition. One of the simplest ways is to keep network safe is to keep upgrading to the latest versions of the network security software at regular intervals, however even that measure is not entirely full proof because the hackers also try to find out a way through all new security softwares. In such a situation, the best method of maintaining network security is to perform penetration testing at regular intervals so as to make sure that the network security arrangement is not exposed to potential threats at a future date. Penetration testing is a method which replicates a viral attack or an attack by hackers so that the network security experts can find out the vulnerabilities of the network and then plug those gaps so that the network stays secure. It is usually performed by ethical hackers.

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