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Implement a Healthy Drug and Alcohol Policy By Training

by hugholdham

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A significant number of commercial vehicle drivers in the US are drug or alcohol abusers. As per the DOT mandates, its the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure safe and problem-free workplace environment. DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department trains them to identify and make the abusers undergo testing.




It is imperative for the employer to implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy that concentrates at:

  • Improving productivity

  • Ensuring workplace safety

  • Improving employee morale and reducing absenteeism

  • Exterminating the negative consequences of employees' abusive habits


However, many a times the alcohol and drug screening methods have landed companies in trouble by creating issues such as violating privacy rights of the employees. Hence, it is recommended in the program provided by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department, to set up effective testing policy. Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live course also explain how to implement a successful alcohol and drug workplace policy, while keeping the employees’ rights intact.


Defining the objectives:
Any policy cannot be effectively implemented unless the objectives are clearly defined. Hence, the program provided by
DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department recommends organizations to clearly define and articulate the objectives of the alcohol and drug policy and make employees aware about the objectives before introducing the policy.


According to the Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live course, the common objectives of a testing policy should include:

  • Improving workers' performance

  • Preventing workplace accidents

  • Reducing the compensation claims

  • Working towards an alcohol and drug free workplace


The US DOT has broadly classified workplace alcohol and drug testing into four categories:

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Random testing

  • Reasonable suspicion testing

  • Post-accident testing


Pre-employment testing: It has been conducted before the employees’ joining in the company. It is done if the employer makes it a mandatory condition for the applicant to pass an alcohol or drug test for employment.


Random testing: It can be conducted, at any point of time, with or without reason and without prior notification. It is generally mandatory for employees who perform jobs critical to public safety like vehicle driving.


Reasonable suspicion testing: The employer can conduct this test when an employee is suspected of drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace, however, further confirmation is necessary.


Post-accident testing: It is conducted when an employee meets with a serious accident during the job and the employer suspects that the accident may have occurred due to the influence of drugs or alcohol on the employee.


The most important aspect of an effective testing policy is being impartial throughout the complete process. The policy should be applied to all employees without any discrimination and in accordance with the specified objectives and DOT regulations. The program provided by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department advices to keep the test results confidential and to use quality and reliable testing kits.

Identifying the unhealthy practices of the employees and helping them to come out of such self destructive habits also helps to create a drug-free workplace environment and healthy society. Moreover, it assures the organization of enhanced employee productivity and operational efficiency.


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