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Successfully Confront Employee For Suspected Misconduct With

by hugholdham

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Confronting an employee about his misconduct or misbehave is often embarrassing and uncomfortable for most supervisors, especially if it involves the use of drug or alcohol. If a supervisor has discomfort about someone's alcohol or drug abuse it is not limited to his and the employee’s relationship.


Previous bad experiences with friends or family members who drink too much or use illegal drugs leave people frustrated, angry, confused and helpless, because they don’t know how to approach them on the issue? Moreover, our own experiences with drugs and alcohol also affect our beliefs and our response to other’s drug and alcohol use.


The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live courses explain that the key to successfully confronting an employee for suspected drug or alcohol-related misconduct is to focus on the specific observations of his or her behavior and appearance. The supervisor should never blame the employee of alcohol misuse or substance abuse.


The program at DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department also emphatically says that the supervisor should clearly and accurately document his or her observations and inform the offender that drug and/or alcohol testing will be conducted. The Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online and live courses mention that if an employee objects and

Says that the signs or symptoms observed are due to other causes, such as physical illness, fatigue, or other problems, the supervisor should listen properly and respond sympathetically. And further explain him that if that is the case, the test will completely rule out alcohol or drug use as a possible cause of their behavior or appearance.


The program offered by DOT Supervisor Compliance Training Department advocates the supervisor to remain firm with the decision to conduct the reasonable suspicion testing. If the employee still protests and says that, he or she will not take the test, the supervisor must clearly state the consequences of their refusal to submit to the test. Even if the employee admits being guilty of violated the company’s alcohol and substance abuse policy, the employee must go for the test, or else it will be considered as a refusal.


Many a times the employees ask about the consequences of a "positive" test. Thus, the <a href="">Supervisor Compliance Training Department Online</a> and live courses educate the supervisor about the DOT policy and the procedures for carrying it out. Often, employees when confronted about their behavior and appearance get defensive or hostile. Remember, if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their defensive, hostile behavior may be due to the effects of the substances. In such a case it is helpful to have someone to assist you, or at least witness, your interaction with the employee.


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