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Beaches and Pools: Kansas City Travel Agencies Offer Resorts

by angelicahanselman

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Many resorts in the world’s top destinations, including those in Mexico and the Caribbean, offer the best of both worlds: pools and beaches. You may question the logic of using a swimming pool when you can simply enjoy the cool water of the Pacific, Gulf, or Caribbean. However, a closer look at the two shows that it’s like comparing apples to oranges (or vice versa).

A 2006 article published on Memphis Magazine featured two writers who each took a side and explained why they prefer one over the other. As it turns out, resorts like the idea of having a Plan B in the event that Plan A doesn’t deliver. While travel agencies in Kansas City will offer you a package to the best beaches along the Caribbean isthmus, they will also book you in a resort with at least one majestic pool.

The beach is full of adventure on and off the water; aside from swimming, you can get a tan or build a sandcastle. Moreover, space is rarely an issue at the beach because the coast can cater to thousands of visitors thirsty for some fun in the sun. The sun, sand, and water work to satiate the senses and make it seem like nothing can go wrong.

Here’s one word that can shatter the illusion of safety: sharks. Fear of sharks is valid, as no one in their right mind would want to be the prey of these carnivorous animals. However, some people are so afraid that they refuse to step into the water altogether. Special circumstances like this are just among the many reasons why even beachside resorts don’t operate without a swimming pool.

Pools aren’t only for those with shark phobia, but also for those who want to spend the day in peace. Of course, pools are open to all guests so it may still be a bit noisy; but not as noisy as the beach. Pools, however, are often not enough for adventure seekers who crave the vast and open space of beaches. It’s apparent that there’s no clear winner between the two, which is exactly why resorts feature both instead of choosing one over the other.

Check out the pros and cons of beaches and pools at No matter what you prefer, travel agencies in Kansas City will book your visit to a resort offering both pools and beaches.

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