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Knowing the Standard Materials for Roofing in Cambridge

by karenburgess

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Maryland is at risk to tropical cyclones and severe weather conditions because of it's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Contractors that concentrate on roofing from Cambridgeare specifically occupied following a storm, when weak roofs sustain considerable damages. If you wish to reinforce your roof, you have to be familiar with the different roofing materials that make sturdy roofs.


With impressive quality that can last for hundred years, slate roofs require only little to no maintenance for years on end. Made with thick pieces of a bluish stone called slate, these shingles can endure impact from fallen debris or even hail. Slate roofs can also hold heavy loads of snowfall, which makes them a good roofing option for those who reside in places that have snow.


Asphalt roofs can be made to look like slate roofs. The bonus is that they are more budget friendly compared with slate. Built with fiberglass cores covered with asphalt and colored granules, asphalt shingles can also be made into replicas of wood and clay tiles. Contractors that concentrate on roofing from Easton, for example, also provide "designer" tiles with artful shapes and layout patterns that can fit almost any home design.


Though metal roofs may only last about half the time slate roofs do, they are quite the durable material. They are weather resistant, because of the minimal seaming they need; wind resistant, they can hold their ground even when faced with winds up to 120 mph; and energy efficient, they mirror the sun's heat which keeps a home cool. In addition, they can easily be set up--even on top of an existing roof.


It is undeniable that wood shingles and shakes provide a house a rustic, natural effect. Likewise, because wooden roofs vary in color, density, and width, each residential property is given an one-of-a-kind roof. For those worried about wood being an insect magnet or fire hazard, fret not. Wood treatments are readily available to turn any wood roofing into a fire- and insect-resistant roofing system.

There is no best roofing material because selecting the right one relies on your requirements and inclinations. What's important is to study the materials' features and then consult with a roofing professional so you can pick the option that suits your house best. To know more on the various roofing materials, go to

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