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3 extra features offered by the modern day paddle fans

by ceilingfancity

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The fans of the 21st century are different from the ones of the 80s and 90s. While you can surely find the conventional styled paddle fans for sure, but most people opt for the unconventional and trendy fans which are being churned out these days. The chief function of a fun is to circulate the air within the room so that the housemate does not feel uncomfortable, sweaty or stuffy. Modern day companies like Fanimation haven’t moved away from this practice. The present-day fans too are true to the old custom and dutifully provide you complete relief from the scorching weather. However, in addition, they have shouldered extra responsibilities.

So, the fans which we get today offer multiple features and benefits. Here is a detailed account:

i. Light kits: There was a time when a fan would just be a fan and nothing more. But thanks to improved technology & innovative ideas, many products of today have got light kits installed on them. You can easily find Craft made fans which have special light system associated with them. Thus, you can get the dual benefit of fanning yourself and illuminating the room at the same time. It also helps you in economic terms and curtails your dependence on the customary tube lights & bulbs.

ii. Décor: The fans which our predecessors owned hardly had any décor value. They would be pretty simple and bland in design with nothing much to offer in terms of looks. But now, you can get paddle fans which have pushed the envelope to unimaginable distance. Most modern homes have grand settings with great furniture and superciliously painted walls & ceilings. If the fans wear a dull look, then the whole interiors gets marred. They even begin to hurt the eye. But, the great thing is that the 21st century fans have broken the ritual and have got refined & revamped to wear a very plush & appealing look. The colors which we get today are simply astounding. And most fans have special intricate designs painted on their blades. The structure too is not the same anymore. There is enough variety for people to help choose a fan which suits their taste and rooms. Thus, you have the hugger fans or the 4-bladed paddle fans or the ones with the usual down rods.

iii. Energy efficiency: Craft made fans and the products by Fanimation are also very energy efficient. They come with high star ratings and have been engineered in a manner that your power bills come down. People who pay half their incomes over the steep bills for their ACs are switching over to these low-cost fans. Apart from being economic, they are also excellent in designs and run smoothly for decades. Their cost of maintenance too is pretty much negligible. Fans which are energy efficient are also environmentally friendly. The mantra for today is to go green. And compared to the harmful ACs which gives off toxic gases, paddle fans certainly help you do your bit for the nature.

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