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All about Hookah

by anonymous

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Smoking is an eternal habit of human being. Humans are fond of smoking from ancient times and if you read the studies of Asian countries, you will find one interesting way of smoking i.e. hookah. Hookah shisha or whatever you call it, is considered to be the royal way of smoking. In ancient times Hookah was used by king and other upper class people of the Middle East society and as the time goes on, it got popularity in the mass.

Basically, hookah contains flavor in a cup which is been heated by the coal. Coal is situated at the top of the cup containing flavor and a thin separating layer lies in between flavor and coal. That layer contains small holes which are used to carry the hotness of coal to the flavor in perfect manner. This arrangement is placed on the top of a metal pipe which is having fixed on the jar containing water. Metal pipe is having a hole where the rubber or any other material bending pipe is fixed. If you want to smoke Hookah, then you have to take the drag using the bendable pipe which in turns heats the coals and you will receive the flames containing the taste of flavor in your mouth.

Though most of us still considered sheesha as harmful product, but if you compare it with normal cigarette, then you will find that the level of intoxication of hookah depends on the flavor used in it. There are n numbers of flavors is been used and if you are using the flavor which is not having the tobacco contain, then it is not a harmful product. Hookah presents the royal experience and while taking the drag of hookah, you will feel like a king of state.

As it is mentioned earlier that taste of Hookah depends on the flavor and if you are smoker and wants to intake tobacco, then you can go for shisha tobacco. Apart from herbal flavors there are other flavors also available and as it is becoming more and more popular, the range of flavors are also increasing. From chocolate flavor to heavy tobacco flavor you will get the flavor as per your taste. The only thing you have to keep in mind while taking Hookah is that it is not cigarette and hence for smoking hookah you need more time. So, sit back, relax and get ready to make smoke rings for hours.

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