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Battlefield to Business: Franchise Opportunities for Veteran

by clintshaff

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Joining the country’s armed forces is a noble undertaking. Serving in uniform allows a person to travel to exotic places and learn new skills while representing the United States at the same time. The life of a soldier is not an easy one, and requires a special kind of dedication that inspires patriotic fervor.

Of course, a military serviceperson might consider going back to civilian life one day to enjoy a much quieter life with loved ones. This presents the perfect opportunity for new beginnings, especially with regard to finding a new passion that the former soldier can devote his time and energy to. At this point in their life, it’s not uncommon for some business-minded soldiers to embark on a new adventure and jump into the profitable business industry through wonderful franchise opportunities.

If you yourself have just left the service and are in the midst of thinking about franchising as a business opportunity, you need to start evaluating your job skills. A review of your career and the tasks assigned to you will help, especially if you were a specialist in certain fields. For example, personnel mostly assigned to combat service support units have proficiency in logistics and operating heavy equipment, in addition to moderate accounting skills.

Consider approaching a credible franchise opportunities support company for advice. This outfit will have skilled business experts who can coach you about the ins and outs of running a franchise business. Don’t hesitate to share your market preferences with the coaches to make it easier for them to narrow down ideas on which franchising firms would be most suitable for your aspirations.

You won’t have to worry about finances either, because veterans can link up with the Small Business Administration’s Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative. This is a special program to assist veterans like you with securing loans from credible financial institutions, with a payment guarantee attached. The agency can provide you with a list of lenders in your area that are part of the program.

If you’re a soldier who has done your part to safeguard America, it helps to know that there’s a life away from the battlefield that’s waiting for you. As you start a new chapter, you can capitalize on your vaunted discipline and non-combat skills to thrive in the field of business. To learn more, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs at

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