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Adopt Organic Gardening to Enjoy Several Benefits

by dickersgarden

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To improve the fertility of soil, garden fertilizer can be used. As soil is the main basis for gardening so you must understand the soil type of your garden. Moreover organic gardening is Eco friendly. Using organic fertilizers is efficient for organic gardening. Also over application of nutrients can cause imbalance in the growth of plants and can affect the environment.  You can maintain the basic fertility level in organic gardening with the use of light fertilizer applications. Fresh and fragrant trees planted with organic gardens have long life.


Furthermore, organic gardening is natural and hygienic. It produces fruits and vegetables without any fallout.  Gardens with organic matter avoids the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, or other poisonous chemicals or fertilizers that are used in the procedure of growing food. Besides, the soil is prepared by using composted manure or food and leaf remains. Organic gardening allows the plants to sprout and grow with the help of sun and water. Organically produced fruits and vegetables are harvested and eaten with the assurance that these are grown naturally and poison-free.


However the use of chemicals harm human life and nature adversely. Certainly it is the key responsibility of farmers to consider the wellness and mineral content of the soil. So several methods are used by them like crop rotation, avoiding poisons or pollutants, and recycling of soil nutrient content by adding organic material such as leaves, papers, coffee grounds, food remains, manure, and others. Organic gardening is a natural approach for the welfare of animals, worms, companion plants, and human beings.


Organic gardening is cost-effective whereas chemical fertilizers are more costly and non hygienic. You can cut down your gardening expenses with the use of organic matter. These pesticides and herbicides add up only expenses for gardening but do not support rapid growth of plants. Also many bees and birds die just because of the use of harmful pesticides in gardening. However using good garden fertilizer can save the fertility of soil and surroundings. Generally, organic matter can be broken down into nutrients that can be used by plants for further growth.


Organic matter contains beneficial nutrients. As a general tendency, organic garden fertilizer releases about half their nutritional values in the first season and proceed to feed the soil for coming years. Animal-based fertilizers mostly produce lots of nitrogen, which is essential for the leafy growth of plants. Animal manures organic matter in great quantity to the soil, but lacks in nutrient value. As well as chicken manure contains high nitrogen content, but it should be used after it is composted as the fresh manure can also burn the roots of small seedlings. Mineral based fertilizers are also effective to use for safe and healthy gardening. Though mineral based fertilizers can take several months to fully break down into nutrient forms but helpful to build the long-term reserves of soil potassium.

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