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Philadelphia Blinds: Picking Between Cord and Cordless

by roxietenner

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A tip for those buying window blinds: keep the cord out of reach of kids. Just this year, the two-year-old child of an influential English executive perished from being strangled by a blind cord. This has brought the issue of blind cord safety into the limelight anew.

Blinds from Philadelphia and in other places typically included cords used to pull the blinds to the side or turn them open. Manufacturers suggest that these are safe provided they away from the reach of children, and even security institutes agree that this holds true. If you'll be leaving your child in his space for a while, it's recommended to tie the cord well above the window. Better yet, put the bed far from the window to prevent him from accidentally being entangled with the cord.

Worried parents need not fret. Modern blinds have a pair of tilt wands that seize the functions of blind cords. With just a couple of twists, the blinds can open or close as you please, minus the danger of asphyxiation. Due to their integral safety, increasingly more people are becoming supporters of wireless blinds.

Despite presenting more secure alternatives, however, producers of blinds claim that cord control can open or close blinds more efficiently than turning wands. This suggests that cords are still an extensively preferred option for window blinds – something that isn't an issue so long as residents take the necessary safety measures to keep children safe. Anything can posture a prospective risk if the proper watchfulness and care are not exercised.

Cords will still be provided, although these blinds will come with directions to ensure safety. Naturally, tilt sticks will also be around for those who would rather eliminate cords entirely. Your option of blinds falls entirely in your hands, but it pays to carry out your research in terms of safety score and overall effectiveness.

You may head over to if you are keen on installing wireless blinds in your house. For Philadelphia blinds and various other window treatments, contact your regional dealer or see their website.


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