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Discover How to Start a Moving Company with 69.1% Profit Mar

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Are you interested in starting a profitable business, one that doesn’t require a lot of capital, is not high-tech, and doesn’t rely on the success or failure of the economy? Then consider starting a local moving service.

The economy may be at a crawl, but that doesn’t mean that great business opportunities don’t exist! Regardless of economic conditions, the average family moves every four years. Multiply this by the number of families, students, and working adults across the country and that’s a lot of moving and a lot of money-making opportunity!

In “How to Build a Local Moving Company with 69.1% Profit Margin” you’re going to discover how, Dexter, an experienced business owner in the non-emergency medical transportation industry, diversified his entrepreneurial portfolio by starting a moving company that, in 8 months and no prior experience, generated almost $71,000 in revenue and $49,000 in profit – and growing!

By any measure, starting a business with no start-up capital and achieving an average of $8,857.25 per month with 69.1% profit margin in 8 months is a BIG success! And now, you’re going to learn exactly how Dexter did it!

Renting a U-Haul truck and working on the weekends, Dexter discovered a great niche market and maximized the opportunity. Since the first of the year he has acquired his own moving truck, expanded his moving service to the general public, and gained exclusive agreements with multiple facilities.

Now, in “How to Build a Local Moving Company with 69.1% Profit Margin,” you’re going to discover exactly how Dexter did it and so much more! You’re going to learn:

  • How to start your Best Moving Companies with no vehicle and next to no start-up capital
  • Some great niche market ideas that can be great sources of revenue for you
  • How to structure your moving rates and policies for collecting your money
  • How to find, screen, and retain competent movers to help build your business
  • Strategies for paying your movers to increase work incentive yet limit expenses
  • What to look for and how to manage your movers
  • Some creative marketing strategies to find direct customers as well as increase referrals
  • How to determine when it’s time to invest in your own truck(s)
  • Some of the basic tools and equipment you will need to get started
  • The type of insurance you will need, and much more!

    In “How to Build a Local Moving Company with 69.1% Profit Margin” Dexter has been kind enough to share his month-by-month Profit & Loss Statements with detailed explanations of his sources of revenue and expenses. This is a very exclusive opportunity that will further help you in duplicating his success.

    Again, Dexter’s generosity in sharing his Profit & Loss Statements in addition to his strategies and information is an incredibly exclusive opportunity! If you’ve ever considered an Affordable Moving Companies or you’ve been searching for a relatively easy but profitable business to start, now is a great opportunity!

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