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Truly responsive website designers in Hereford

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Responsive web design is an innovation resulting from the development of mobile browsers. When we talk about mobile browsers, we are referring to mobile phones and tablet computers. Responsive web design provides the best possible website viewing experience—easy reading and navigation around a website with a minimum of resizing and scrolling—across a wide range of devices including desk top PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

When you are looking for responsive web design in Hereford then you need to ask the right questions before you make your choice of supplier.

Responsive web design was the most important innovation in digital marketing seen in 2012. With the rapid growth of tablet computing, (don’t forget, the iPad was only first seen a few years ago) websites needed to adapt to the change in users habits. Add to this the fact that new mobile phone contracts are dominated by Android and Apple smart phones and we have a dramatic change in website user experience. No longer is it adequate just to create a website suitable for large screen computers. To effectively engage your market, you need to communicate effectively on large and small computer screens. Responsive web design is the answer to this challenge.

The first question you should ask is how the website designers Hereford go about developing a design that translates across different sized browsers. Look for a team experienced in responsive website design Hereford and ask to see examples of their work. Only when you see how their websites actually look on small and large screens will you understand how they translate design and functionality across different browsers.

When looking for web designers Hereford in Google, don’t just speak to the first cab off the rank, dig a little deeper and find an agency who can deliver a truly multi channel marketing experience that will engage and delight your target market.

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