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Windows 7 Disk Corruption Issues

by anonymous

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Many third-party utilities that claim to work perfectly with Windows 7 are actually not completely aware of NTFS codes that the operating system accesses. If a Windows 7 user works with a partition that has been formatted using one such utilities, it might experience several issues. To resolve these problems, it is required to reformat the partition using Windows 7 native scheme and to restore data from last available backup or by applying a disk data recovery program.

To interpret such probable issues, consider a user of Windows 7 computer. At times, when he tries to download some of the drivers, it notices one or more of the below listed symptoms:


  • The user cannot write the drivers because the disk appears to be corrupt

  • An error occurs that suggests to run chkdsk (or scandisk) on the hard drive

  • On running chkdsk, the tool deletes some of the file system indexes


This behavior is observed at each attempt of installing the drivers. Windows 7 users report similar types of issues when copying or transferring some files from another computer.



The issues described above, are usually observed when the Windows 7 partition has been pre-created and formatted using a third-party utility and not using a Microsoft utility. If this is the case, some of NTFS codes (by Microsoft) might fail to work with NTFS variation created by the third-party tool.


To solve the above discussed problem, you need to first recheck the BIOS settings. If all the settings are correct, you should reformat the Windows 7 partition using Windows 7 installation DVD. This will create a familiar file system for Windows 7 and aid it in functioning properly.


After reformatting the partition, you need to restore the deleted data from last backup. But in case backup fails or is absent, it is recommended to use a disk partition recovery utility. Designed to use powerful scanning algorithms, the disk data recovery applications locate the lost or deleted data from a crashed or formatted drive and restore it at a safe location.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a reliable and efficient disk partition recovery that recovers lost, deleted, corrupted, or reformatted disk partitions. The tool supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. The software incorporates a user-friendly interface that includes advanced options like, RAW data recovery, disk cloning, disk imaging, and more.

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