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Get To Know The Role Of Venus In Your Astrological Chart

by culbetjack

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Venus is one of the twelve planets present in our astrological chart and it represents what we love and what is essential to us. The place of this planet in your chart will explain about you and about the type of person whom you will attract in relationships. When a professional astrologer is asked about love and relationship in your life, he will be focusing on the planet of Venus. He will look at the fifth house and the seventh house in your chart, which indicates romance and marriage respectively.

Connection of Venus with other inner planetary positions in your astrological diagram will bring about some changes in your life. These inner planets include mars, mercury, moon and sun. If you can understand the role of these inner planets in your love life will be helpful in identifying whether you are developing the right kind of relationships in the current situation.

When Venus unites in your diagram with Sun, the astrologer can find that you are developing a new relationship in the present situation. Generally, people with Venus and sun dominating diagrams will attract each other. When the chart of an individual shows that Venus units with sun, divorce and marriage breakups if any in the life of the individual will force him or her to deep depression. They will begin to feel that they have lost a part and parcel of their life. Generally Venus comes in the second position of the planet of Sun in any astrological diagram.

When this second planet from the Sun is conjuncted to Mercury, you will begin to seek a relationship with qualities of friendship and good communication skills. When this planet is connected to the Moon, then there will be an increase in the level of emotional connection with your partner. Since moon represents home, you will feel really happy when your home is filled with guests. When Venus connects with Mars it will become a sexy combination. Disagreement between the people with these planets will generally end up in a romantic mood. When Venus gets together with Jupiter, it denotes expansion of love.

So, this planet plays a great role in deciding on your love and marriage relationship. So, whenever you have any doubt or concern about your relationship it is better to take your astrological chart to a professional astrologer. He will be telling you everything about the future of your love life. If you do not have a chart, there are professionals, who can prepare it for you.

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