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On Solar Roofing in Oakland and its Advantages

by sashaherrick

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A Mediterranean climate dominates coast areas in California, including Oakland, and is marked by rainfall during winter season and very hot temperature levels during the summertime. The prevalence of summery days in these areas is good news for those who like to make use of solar energy. By having photovoltaic or PV roof systems, residents like you can capture solar energy, which could be utilized as electricity. Continue reading to find out more about solar roofing in Oakland.

Exactly how it began

Though it may be a fairly new idea for most, solar power has actually been around for many years-- just think of those solar-powered calculators you used in the past. Studies on solar panels go as far back as the 1800s with French physicist Antoine Cesar Becquerel. Many scientists followed his footsteps through different researches and experiments, and in 1954, three American researchers developed the very first solar panels by positioning numerous strips of silicon under direct sunlight.

A booming industry

Due to intensifying ecological concern and increasing level of popularity of "green living" habits, solar roof has become more in demand as a roof option for residential and business properties. As a matter of fact, as of January 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission says there are 700,000 solar consumers throughout the state. Additionally, state-implemented programs intend to entice more citizens to take advantage of solar energy technology.

Advantages of solar roofing systems

Solar roofing systems considerably benefit the environment because they do not give off carbon dioxide and other dangerous toxins. Furthermore, residents can expect to save energy and reduce their energy costs once they have solar roofing in Orinda CA set up. The solar roof panels can be utilized to generate hot water needed for showers, cleaning and baths.


To mount a PV system in your roof, the roofer should first determine how to best arrange the solar panels to maximize the absorption of sunlight. The adjustment of support structures isn't needed because the PV system can be easily incorporated into your roofing system. Experienced solar roofer can create a PV system that fits the architectural layout of your house.

Apart from their energy efficiency, you can also get energy refunds by using solar energy. To find out more, browse through

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