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A detailed knowledge of PPC

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Earlier most businesses used newspaper or television channels to air their advertisements. The price for these services varied from company to company. This is the case when it comes to television channels there are prime-time slots where the chances of people seeing your advertisement is substantially higher than others. However with the rise in popularity of the internet, more and more people look to it as a better means of obtaining information and entertainment as compared to newspapers and television. Thus, it would be beneficial to businesses to invest in advertising through the internet as is the case with PPC Marketing.


What is Pay per Click?


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) as a follow-up will define what PPC marketing is as well. It is certain that at least once as you browsed or surfed, through the internet you have come across online advertisements. They can appear on social networking sites, on search engines or online game sites and are the online version of billboards.


When it comes to online billboards, however, how a website or a search engine gets paid by business companies for keeping their advertisement up varies a lot more, but one of them is through PPC. As was mentioned PPC marketing stands for pay-per-click marketing and as the name suggest that the website hosting the advertisement is paid by the company depending on how many click their online billboard has received over the course of, let's say a month.


Which sites host PPCs?


That depends on what your advertisement is about, after all one can hardly expect any interest in their discount skiing gear when the website hosting it is about a summer getaway. In the case of websites, businesses will usually determine for themselves which ones to invest in. However in the case of more popular ones such as social networking sites the amount of space that can accommodate your advertisement is limited.


PPC marketing through search engines generally receive more traffic than through websites. But search engines can't exactly just place your advertisement on their home page or on every search results page, when your online billboard pops up is determined through keywords entered in the search engine.

For example, in the case of the discount skiing gear business, keywords that could trigger the advertisement for it might include; discount skiing gear, skiing gear, skiing, ski. When someone enter one or all of those words in a search engine, along with the usual results your advertisement also pops up in a pre-designated location reserved for advertisements. Unfortunately, Pay per Click advertisementsentails a bit more complexity than that. As is the case in the previous example, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to register for all of those keywords as other businesses, read your competitors, are vying for them as well. In this case a bid is performed; the company with the highest bid gets registered for the keyword.


Other variables in PPC marketing also include the region where the website or search engine is being accessed, as well as even the device being used to browse through it. This, along with the aforementioned keywords, means that your advertisement is shown only to those that are most likely to show an interest in it. Yet again, we can use the previous example, let's say your complete advertisement is "Discount Skiing Gear in India" not only will the advertisement be shown on skiing websites and search engines with the right keywords typed in, but now it will only pop up on those that are accessing the website in India.


Is it worth it?


Depending on the website, the price can become quite steep for PPC marketing. But given the fact that you will only pay should your advertisement get traffic or in this case get clicked, you are far from being ripped off as that means those that do click on your advertisement are quite interested thus are more likely to avail of your services, negating much of the cost.



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