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Secure Your Home at Low Cost with a GSM Security Camera

by MichelForro

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Are you worried, while away from home, about the opportunity it offers burglars to break into your house, or about the danger a fire would start without anyone alarmed before it's too late, or about the risk of temperature dropping in the living room and your pet freezing, etc...? Are you searching for an easy to use, reliable and low cost solution to monitor yourself the security of your house / office?

A GSM security camera is the exact fit to your search, it is a camera with built in detectors that communicates over GSM networks. Most common built in detectors are:

  • Infra Red movement detector, sensing the infrared energy emitted by an intruder's body

  • Glass breakage detector, noticing the specific sound of glass breaking

  • Acoustic noise detector, noticing sound above a pre-defined level

It behaves like a smart mobile phone, making calls, sending SMS, MMS and Data, receiving calls and SMS commands. The best cameras include recording and a medium for saving these recordings (e.g. SD card). Should an intruder enter your house or your office, detectors on board of the camera will trigger an alarm that will be forwarded to your mobile phone in the form of SMS / MMS or Email. In parallel, the camera will start recording and saving the event so that you will be able later on to trace and find the burglars. Most advanced cameras offer a 3G connectivity (GSM 3G camera) and hence allow life video streaming, so that you can watch from your smart phone what's happening inside your house / office.

A GSM camera can be accessed and controlled remotely with a key fob or through your mobile phone (via SMS or call) or via web.

Some of these cameras can also connect and control wirelessly additional accessories such as:

o Alarm Detectors (Infra Red alarm detectors, magnetic door opening detectors triggered when the door opens, fire or gas leak detectors etc...)

o Indoor / outdoor sirens

o Emergency bracelets that will trigger an alarm once pressed by a person in danger

o Automation devices to control house appliances, such as thermostat for the heating, smart mains socket to switch on the light in the living room etc...


Last but not least, such a wireless security camera system is very easy to install and does not require any security expertise, making it an ideal solution for anyone searching for a simple but efficient solution to keep home and office safe.

Should you be searching for an easy to install & operate, reliable and low cost solution for securing your house / office, the GSM security camera is by far the most appropriate solution.


Michel Forro, is belgian citizen and has a Master in Electro-mechanical engineering from the polytechnic institute of the university Brussels. He has worked for many years at executive levels in the biggest companies of the telecommunication industry worldwide and gained an extensive know how in the mobile communication. He is founder and Owner of the company iCOBAL, registered in Munich/Germany. His website, provides a wealth of informative descriptions and unique solutions for the security and control of the home / office environments based on the GSM technology

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