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For police officers, highway safety is of the utmost importance. Intoxicated drivers make the roads unsafe. How does an officer determine, at the scene of an incident, if a driver is intoxicated? They use a breathalyzer.


A breathalyzer is a device used to measure the amount of alcohol present in an individual’s blood system. The machine takes a sample of the subject’s breath and estimates his or her blood alcohol content (BAC) level based upon the amount of alcohol detected in this test. Law enforcement officers who suspect that an individual is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol will often ask them to take a breathalyzer test. You are allowed to refuse the test, but doing so can be very incriminating.


There are a lot of ways to keep from driving drunk.  But they all depend on you to do the right thing.  For some of us, that’s easier than for others.  If you want to take an extra step for yourself or a loved one, you may consider buying a personal breathalyzer everybody knows about the dangers of driving under the influence, but still there are thousands of car wrecks each year related to alcohol use. Few people drive drunk on purpose--instead, many of these are accidents stemming from poor judgment, or judgment clouded by alcohol. If you don't have a designated driver and you've been drinking, you need to have a way of knowing, with absolute certainty that you are sober enough to drive. The only sure way to gauge how sober you are is with a breathalyzer kit. Thankfully, these devices have become increasingly affordable of late, and you can get a pocket-sized breathalyzer for a great low price. Just remember your breathalyzer, and you can forget about your little rules of drinking. Breathalyzers take a breath sample from the test subject and analyze it to determine the amount of alcohol present. This is done by measuring the intensity of a reaction between the sample and a chemical mixture present in the machine. If an individual’s blood alcohol content level is above the legal limit of 0.08, then he or she will be charged with an offense of driving under the influence (DUI) A motorist can refuse to take a Breathalyzer test. However, under some state laws, the motorist's driver's license will then be automatically suspended for a set period of time.


Don’t take risks with safety and property--take a breathalyzer test. While these devices were once available only to law-enforcement agencies, modern technology has made the devices convenient and affordable. You can even fit a breathalyzer on a keychain, so there's never any worry about forgetting it.

 Breathalyzers are reusable and is optional for the instant testing, every time the alcohol use is suspected. These alcohol-testing devices are ultimate for testing at your home, office, or even at any out-of-doors spot. These devices are moveable, exact, within your means, and give you instantaneous results. So it becomes mandatory for people who drink to understand importance of the alcohol breathalyzers.

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