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Instructions on How to Use Hex Keys Properly

by uktools

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Hex keys are an important part of domestic tool kits. If you are looking to set up your own tool kits, make sure that you include hex keys in them. In order to ensure that you choose the right hex keys, you should have information about. Hex keys are often under rated as far as their uses are concerned. Hex keys can be a useful addition to your tool kits.


Hex keys get their name from their shape. Hex keys have six sides of exactly the same size. These sides are inserted in the object or a bolt they are used for loosening or tightening. Hex keys come with different sizes of wrenches. The most common wrench is an L shaped wrench. Straight wrenches are also there but they are not as commonly used as the L shaped wrenches.


How do you actually use a hex key? Using hex keys is actually very simple. All you have to do is pick the appropriate hex key from your tool kits and put it in the hole. The hole would be present on the surface of the bolt that you wish to tighten or loosen. Hex keys hence work just like socket wrenches do, but unlike in socket wrenches where we put the wrench around the bolt, in a hex key we put the bolt around the wrench.


Users generally have difficulty determining when to use a hex key. The answer to this difficulty is also very simple. You can use a hex key to operate any bolt that has a 6 sided hole on its head. Hex bolts in tool kits are used at any place where there is no room around the bolt to place a standard wrench. Hex keys allow you to place the wrench on the top of the bolt and access it when there is no room around the bolt.

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