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The Real Truth About Being a Freelance Copywriter

by joyeroots

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They tell you to envision writing on a beach somewhere, drink in one hand, laptop in the other, while you service your many clients. They tell you that you can easily make six figures a year as a freelance copywriter, writing for various businesses while in the comfort of your jamies and home.Well, I've been one for the past two years and I'm going to reveal what it's REALLY like as a beginning freelance copywriter. This is only my perspective and might not reflect your own experience. You probably won't make six figures the first year. The prima donnas of the business do their best to make you feel like you're just not with it if you don't measure up to the six-figure income the first year but most freelance copywriters don't even come close. We spend our money on training and coaching packages that make the six-figure guru's rich. Don't quit your day job and make sure you have plenty of cash in savings before you decide to go full-time. is a website witch gives all information about Copywriting Job.

Before you head to the beach or pool with your laptop, do your homework and work out a time line for launching as a full-time freelance copywriter. High prices will make your clients respect you. The truth is, you may have to take a Sharpie to a cardboard sign and write, I will work for practically free while I'm getting started. Again, "they", the prima donna freelance copywriters who constantly brag of their six figures, will tell you not to work on spec or give away your services. The truth is, you might have to give away some "freebies" while you're getting started in order to build your portfolio and credibility. Be strategic about it - you can't spend all your time giving away all your time - but if you want testimonials and work samples to show your real prospective clients, do some pro bono work here and there. It'll pay off in the long run and it's just a way to pay it forward for the favors others have done for you along the way.Self-confidence will see you through. Humbug.

Other days you'll want to hide under a blanket and you'll wonder why you ever decided to do this thing. The voices will say, maybe you don't have any talent. In time, you'll realize that just because a client isn't happy with your work doesn't mean you've failed; it simply means you need to take a different direction for that client. Even with my Client Questionnaire, some clients don't know what they want to say until you say it for them, based on their answers, and they realize that's not what they wanted to say at all. The Copywriting Superheroes can write Anything, Anywhere, for Anyone. We look up to them, we envy the income they tell us they have, and we think they can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

The top freelance copywriters boast of high fees for high and lofty clients - this is simply not the case for a beginning freelance copywriter. You'll need to build and hone your skill level and you might even want to invest in some coaching before you can command the high fees. Develop a niche. While this is true as you progress and your business matures, you'll want to start out as a generalist. This actually works as an advantage to a beginning freelance copywriter because it helps get your feet wet by diving into a lot of different industries. You'll find that you dread doing projects for what you consider boring topics, while you're energized by stimulating topics and industries. Give yourself several months as a generalist before you decide on a niche. When you decide on what niche to focus on, start researching that industry and study the writing on websites to find the flavor of the industry. is a website witch gives all information about Copywriting Job,Freelance Copywriters,Direct Mail Copywriter.

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