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Get ripped

by jonsonpillar

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Diet for Getting Ripped: Healthy Diet Foods List

Obtaining a healthy diet food is very important for a person when you want to lose your health.

It is very important matter to maintain a healthy diet. Healthy food is called the food which has all of the Nutrition. When you want to get ripped it is must that you have food lists, and you are able to maintain it properly.

Don’t get tension thinking about price there are a lot of foods which have high Nutrition value but price is very low.

There are some lists of high protein food:



Bananas are very health for every kinds of people .Any one can take Bananas to get it is good source of calories and carbohydrates. Besides Bananas also have potassium, manganese, and dietary fibers.

It also helps to digest foods properly.


Almonds have great food value and it has saturated fat and cholesterol which helps to gain weight.

Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and magnesium are available in almonds.


Broccoli is a green vegetable and super food .it has benefits for getting ripped.

It is also helpful to for losing your health .it contains a high rich fiber which can be broken down much faster at the time of passing through system quickly.


Fish is another source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium.

Omega-3 is helpful for heart and weight loss.

Your body does not produce this fatty acid so eat regular fish to fulfill it.


Ginger is one of the best foods for taking .it helps to break down foods and helps to digest.

It is full of amino acids.

It can be used for alternative such as salt and pepper.


We can discuss about some protein. such as Whey and casein protein.

Some people think that Taking protein rich foods is very high price some people think. You need not cost a lot of money.

There are some example given below


Eggs are the great source of protein .it has also plenty of essential vitamins and minerals as well.

 You can eat eggs much way such as boiled, scrambled, sunny side up etc.


Another cheap protein is milk .It is the mother of protein.

You can get full calcium from Milk. You can choose milk for filling your natural protein.

Milk make bone strong and healthy .so Milk is must if you want to get ripped in naturally .



These nuts are important source of energy and magnesium. it is very cheap and available to purchase.

Anyone is able to take this protein food as protein.

Canned and Sardines:

It is very cheap and you are able to keep it far longer shelf life.

10 ounce can of tuna supplied with 18-24 grams of protein.


Above all we can say there is a lots of ways to we can adopt for maintain for a better health.

I have shown the food item which is very powerful to marinating nutrition and get ripped.

Follow rules about the food requirement which is very important.

Just follow a rule regular basis so that you can get benefits.

Don’t eat same food regularly it makes you tried.

Enjoy various type of food and it will help you to get proper healthy body and mind.

But remember about nutrition.

Every person needs protein .it is the source of real functioning body. Protain is available everywhere in our human body.  If you need a proper healthy body ,you have to eat protein rich foods.




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