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Offshore Company Formation – Uses and advantages

by anonymous

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The main reason for incorporating an offshore company is to eliminate completely the overall tax liability arising from an international activity. Offshore company formation results in zero corporation tax which allows companies to save considerable money. This of course is the main reason of using offshore companies. However is not the only benefit relating to the use of offshore company.

In addition to the above offshore company formation can reduce the regulatory cost since there are no significant compliance requirements. Offshore companies do not need to prepare audited accounts signed by an independed auditor as is required in all other countries. Also they do not need to submit their financial statements in the government and to disclose the details of the shareholders.

Furthermore, incorporating an ofshore company allows individuals to keep their business affairs confidential. Offshore companies offer maximum privacy about the shareholders since you have the opportunity to use nominee services. Using nominee services means that another person is appearing as the shareholder/director of an offshore company on behalf of the real shareholder/director. This is made in order to offer to the beneficial shareholders anonymity, confidentiality and the highest level of privacy protection.

Another advantage is the fact that the incorporation of an offshore company is a fast and simple procedure. Some offshore companies can be formed online in less than 24hours. Interested parties may also purchase a shelf offshore company with an established bank account and use it for business in the same day.

But what are the uses of Offshore Company incorporation? Below you can find a summary of how offshore companies are used:

  • Trading companies

  • Professional services companies

  • Investment companies (holding of investments in other companies)

  • Holding of property owning companies

  • Royalty/patent/copyright holding companies

  • Shipping companies

  • Consultancy companies

  • Internet companies (ideal solution to hold domain names and making business from a website)

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We, as a mindful and conscious Quality Professional Services providers, aim in eradicating the tax liabilities involved while setting up a company. That is why we regard the notion of Offshore Company Incorporation a reasonable one because the entire procedure is fast, simple and unpretentious. provides the opportunity of using quality services so that you do not deviate from the track which leads to your anticipative peak.

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