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Evernote for Mac: The hated darling of Mac note-taking apps

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Like an old but highly esteemed car that is rather hard to easily get rid of, Evernote for Mac remains a popular note-taking app despite its obvious shortcomings. Many people who are conversant with note-taking apps will hotly contest any attempt to refer to Evernote as the best note-taking app in the market today, and for several strong reasons: this app is based on a very simple user interface that cannot support many features, it has no offline access for free users, it does not guarantee the confidentiality of saved notes, and it is relatively incapable of enabling a user to organize numerous notes at a go. However, even with all these limitations, Evernote Mac is stillone of the most popular apps currently in use.


Perhaps the most surprising fact is that Evernote for Mac, at nearly $60 annual fee for the paid version, is comparatively expensive. The company has, to make matters worse, boldly admitted that it is not interested in offering the free version forever; it will eventually force the free users to start paying up after they have saved just enough notes on their servers to keep them loyal. The question that begs therefore is why this app is still so popular among Mac users. You can nevertheless place a safe bet on the fact that the app will continually enjoy sentimental following into the future.


One reason is that Evernote has confused its users and the world into thinking that Evernote for Mac is a note taking app. A closer look shows that Evernote is really only a "snippet manager." Snippet managers help you collect and find small bits of information, like a thought you've jotted down or a photo of a receipt. While a useful function, a snippet manager cannot take the place of a true note taking application. For example, a student sitting down to take notes in class needs the ability to type many paragraphs of notes, and perhaps incorporate diagrams and images. While Evernote can collect this information, it can't keep it organized in a way that makes sense when the student later needs to refer to those materials for study. Taking notes with Evernote Mac is similar to writing your information on small scraps of paper and stuffing them all into your kitchen junk drawer.


It's true that Evernote for Mac has interesting features like the ability to search text embedded in an image, but that isn't a feature 99% of all note takers need. When it comes to search, Evernote supports only basic text searching, and presents your search results as a simple list. This means that you can only search you notes by the words you remember, and a frequent word will return hundreds of results that you have to pick through to find the one you're looking for. Again, working with Evernote Mac is like collecting your notes in a junk drawer and expecting to be able to find them easily later.


Compared to all Mac note-taking apps, Evernote has lots of mindshare but few of the features you need to really take, organize, and find your notes. With regards to versatility, Evernote supports and works with multiple platforms very efficiently, whether on Mac, on web browsers, on Windows, on smart phone or on iPad. These are just a few of the reasons why Evernote Mac remains highly popular and why it will continue to be a favorite choice for many note-taking app users.



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