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Is Body Contouring Good After Weight Loss?

by anonymous

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If you have lost a large amount of weight of at least 100 pounds or more you may find that body contouring will be something you should look closely at having done. Many times after someone has lost an excessive amount of weight they are super excited to have done so, only to find they are left with disgusting hanging skin all over their bodies that simply cannot be covered up. If you are one of those people you can now know that there is hope for you and you can once again feel good about your weight loss and the way that your body looks.

If you have lost a lot of weight and have kept it off for a long time, or at least a year with no further weight loss or gain, body contouring can be a huge help to you. It is suggested if you decide to use body contouring to help remove excess and unwanted sagging skin that you wait for a period of two years after you have lost your weight before having this procedure done. This is so your body will have time to adjust on it’s own to the changes it has gone through as a result of your massive weight loss and also to ensure that you will not put some of the weight back on.

You will also need to be in good health if you are considering body contouring. If you are in poor health or have such diseases as heart disease, diabetes or other chronic health problems you may want to reconsider using body contouring to help with your body image. It can be a wonderful thing but if you have health issues it is simply not worth the risk. It is a good idea then to go to your family doctor first to see if you can get the “all clear” from him to go ahead with the procedure known as body contouring.

If you do decide to go ahead with body contouring you may first want to know some of the risks involved. Some of these include such things as bleeding, infection, separation of incision, skin looseness, tissue death, abnormal scar formation, formation of a lump under the skin, unbalances appearances, and results that you basically are not happy with.

There are a few more dangerous side effects that can be a result of body contouring and these are as follows: deep vein blockage, blood clot in the lungs, heart attack and or pneumonia. These are less likely but can be side effects never the less so you will want to think long and hard if you are interested in body contouring before you risk it.

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