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Detox treatment programs

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How Addicts Can Break Free from the Feeling of Self Hatred?


“I hate myself”, is perhaps the worst feeling and the most terrible misery one can suffer from. Hating how you look, how you feel and who you are is an emotion that can strike anyone at any point of time, but a deep-rooted sense of inferiority, permanent negativity, anxiety and depression and dependence on substance is something very terrible. It may stem from multitude of reasons and we sometimes fall back on something that is not healthy for our body, mind and soul.

Turning towards Substance Misuse

Most people tend to develop an addiction to alcohol or some sort of drug to alleviate their symptoms of discomfort, uneasiness and depression and indulge into problematic drinking gradually. The feeling of “I hate myself” becomes worst when a person realizes his or her dependence on drugs. Despite many attempts, most people can’t overcome their addiction. They develop serious personality and psychiatric disorders and totally cut themselves from social activities with full pangs of depression wrapped around them.

Self Hatred is Not Realistic; Hope is the Only Valid Choice

If you’re also suffering from alcoholism along with some sort of mental disorder, it’s time when you should seek assistance. At this stage, it’s quite normal to develop a feeling of self hatred. The only thing that you need to believe in is that recovery is possible no matter how severe your condition is. Accepting the problem and being hopeful about the recovery is the first step towards you journey of leading a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The feelings of self hatred and denial to the problem trap you in a pit that deepens as time passes. Remember how healthy and happy you used be and how smooth your personal and professional lives were just before you became an addict. The moment you have hope and understand that you have a choice to mend your life, the recovery starts from there itself.

Once you have accepted that addiction is causing a problem, you have to tell yourself that hating yourself is not a valid choice. It’s not realistic; you can live your entire life like this. Affirmation and determination are very powerful tools to make things happen and bring a change in your feelings and thoughts.

Seek Professional Assistance

The moment you’re determined to win your life back, it’s ideal to seek professional assistance. There are numerous alcohol treatment centers in Florida dedicated to provide detox treatment programs and rehab facilities to addicts. If somehow you don’t feel confident enough to get in touch with an addiction specialist, ask your friend or a family member to intervene and help you out.

Addressing the condition of addiction is very important, as cleansing of the body is the first step towards recovery. Although counseling sessions by psychological experts are conducted even during your detoxification but once it is complete, the specialists can work on you to treat your psychiatric disorders. This is a step by step process, but is incomplete if you’re not determined enough. It’s worth going through all the hardships and pain to win your life back.

There are numerous alcohol treatment centers in Florida dedicated to provide detox treatment programs and rehab facilities to addicts.

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