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History of Chinese Gold Coins - Some Information

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The People’s Republic of China produces a series of gold bullion coins and they are called as Chinese Gold coins. They were introduced in the year 1982 by the official mint of the nation. The best thing about these Chinese coins is that the design of panda changes every year with a single exception and they are produced in different metals like gold, silver and palladium. The gold variants are produced in different size and denominations. The silver and palladium models are also issued with the design of panda on them. Now, let us get into the history of these coins:

The first gold coin picturing the image of panda was introduced in the year 1982 in sizes like one, half, quarter and even one-tenth troy oz. of 999 pure gold. In the following year another size was introduced being one-twentieth oz. Then, larger panda coins were issued weighing from 5 to 12 oz and they are being issued by the nation in Proof like Brilliant uncirculated quality every year. Even though, some small changes in the design of panda is made every year, in the year 2001 the government announced freeze of design thereby the 2002 model was the same as 2001 model. But, annual changes was stressed by the collectors belonging to the nation and therefore the Government of China decided to turn to the old policy of making some changes in the design of panda every year.

Many mints are producing these Chinese coins, but all these mints are located in the one of the four cities of the nation namely Shenyang, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. Even they are produced in the United States, but they are following some US mintmarks to identify that they were produced in the US. However, there will not be any difference in the coins produced in different parts of China.

With great interest shown by people belonging to other nations in learning about these Panda coins from China, there are some websites offering a wide range of information about them with a view to educate the people interested in learning more about them. These websites offer detailed information about these sorts of coins produced in China like peacock, invention and discoveries, Olympic coins, etc… and they will be of great use to people looking for information to educate themselves. So, if you are interested in learning more about these coins, visit the best website offering good information and get benefited.

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