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The Razzle-Dazzle of Victoria’s secrets

by aaran446

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There’s nothing more exciting than Victoria. It seems rather ironic considering the dour, prudy nature of the monarch whose name it takes after, but Victoria really is a hotbed of excitement.

For a start, it’s one of the main gateways into the city, one of the places that throbs with commuters, people going home to their families, teenagers going to gigs, travellers, weary eyed workman and bright eyed hopefuls. It’s a mixing pot for the highs and the lows of London, and everything in between. That lends it a pretty electric atmosphere, as people you never thought you’d see in the same place rub shoulders and share idle chit chat.

Those that have a little more time peruse the many shops that litter the station and the little boulevard that extends behind. They stop and buy a hot meal or a cup of piping hot coffee and sit on benches and sills, watching the people go by and soaking up the atmosphere. They sit in business suits, unbuttoned shirts, long dresses, tiny skirts, colourful t-shirts, ripped jeans, high heels and steel capped boots, all different yet all alike. They wait for friends, family, colleagues or Victoria escorts: anyone that can lend a little conversation and companionship.

From here the world is their oyster. Like its passengers, Victoria has a little bit of everything. You could go to one of the many fine restaurants and enjoy a chargrilled steak, fine French cuisine or the delicate coconut and coriander that defines exotic Thai flavours.
Or maybe you’d rather have a drink at one of the local bar, an imported beer maybe, after a long hard week, or a colourful cocktail in a tall glass.

Of course, no visit would be complete without taking one of Victoria’s stunning escorts to see the award winning and truly excellent Wicked, at the Apollo theatre. It tells the story of 2 witches, as they struggle to put aside their differences in a world filled with magic and intrigue. It acts as a darker prelude to the sunny world that appears in the iconic film The Wizard of Oz, and is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire. The show is an absolute delight, with dazzling displays of colour and costume that put the West End to shame. The songs are filled with energy and verve but they avoid being twee by offering sombre subject matter encased in the usual energy of the stage. Elphaba’s sonorous ballad, Defying Gravity, is particularly moving and as the song reaches its defiant conclusion, the audience are normally on their feet, wiping tears from eyes as they salute the performance with rapturous applause.

Although the show was originally staged in Broadway, it has a true resonance with its British home in Victoria. It’s the tale of an outcast witch, someone who refuses to follow the rules and is willing to ignore social conventions in order to be happy. This is the spirit of Victoria: a rebellious energy that wants to be free and expressive. If you’re going to be passing through the area any time soon, remember to be true to yourself and have fun without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Author Information: Aaran Clarke is a freelance journalist who has contributed to various magazines, newspapers and websites. In his spare time he enjoys dancing and socialising and is always networking. He is theauthor of this article on Victoria Escorts. For more Contact Here.

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