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Where You Are-Your Accident Lawyer in Greensboro

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Greensboro is your home, and you are proud of it, and well you should be. However, if you've been involved in an auto accident in Greensboro, perhaps pride is not at the top of your mind. Maybe better to describe your emotions and situation as “in shock,” “disoriented,” and “not feeling at home with yourself.” Yes, even in Greensboro, a vehicular accident can make us feel out of place, especially when the impersonal routines of insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, auto body shops, and medical providers take over in the wake of your accident. But you still have something to be proud of in Greensboro—and someone who can help guide you back home to your life as it once was, if not better—your accident lawyer in Greensboro.

Yes, you could forgo an accident lawyer, but at what price to yourself, your job, and your loved ones? The insurance company of the person or party involved in your auto accident might say it will make good on lost work time and medical care for your injuries, but you need to realize the truth that that insurance company adjustor who sounds so ready to help over the phone really will see to your medical care and lost work-time only to the degree to which it helps his or her company get off-the-hook of responsibility—and at the lowest cost to the company. What if a hidden, cascade injury stemming from your auto accident rears its painful and ugly head six months to a year from now? You need a professional and savvy accident lawyer in Greensboro now—which is better than later, when the insurance company and other parties will accuse you of trying to gouge them.

In addition, your accident lawyer in Greensboro can provide you a local personal access and individual care and attention that an insurance company or busy police department can't or won't. Because your accident lawyer in Greensboro is here in your neighborhood, you can rely not only on your lawyer's reliability and availability, but that accident lawyer will also bring an inside, savvy knowledge of the best in Greensboro medical providers and auto body shops, as well as have a first-name intimacy with judges and officials in the Greensboro legal justice system.

Your local accident lawyer in Greensboro knows that you can simply choose to settle with the insurance company or seek legal counsel from an out-of-town firm. That's why your on-the-ground specialist in auto accident litigation provides services, compassion, and a tenacious drive to secure the best possible outcome for you as you heal from your auto accident injuries and seek the most advantageous means of reparation that your case merits. The best accident lawyer choice for you is right here in Greensboro.

Accident Lawyer Greensboro - With seven offices across North Carolina, Carl Nagle is a former claims adjuster and insurance defense lawyer who has experience, focus, and demonstrated success in providing dedicated client service in accident litigation. Contact Carl Nagle, accident lawyer in Greensboro, at Nagle & Associates by calling 336.723.4500 or toll free 800.411.1583 or visit for a FREE initial consultation.

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